Rough Trade Calendar

Published 1 August, 2019; last updated on 16 May, 2020.

I’m a huge fan of the gigs Rough Trade put on in their East London shop, and I’ve been lucky enough to see some pretty amazing shows there:

I decided to build a service which keeps me up-to-date with their upcoming events—introducing Rough Trade Calendar.

The site offers three ways of viewing upcoming events:

  • a web page;

    list of events on the Rough Trade Calendars web site

  • an iCalendar feed you can subscribe to in your calendar app; and

    iCalendar feed in Apple's Calendar app

  • an RSS feed you can use to get notified when new events are listed.

I’ve been using IFTTT to email me whenever a new event is added to this feed.

IFTTT notification email

I’d love to hear if you find this useful! Please get in touch to let me know.