Craig Anderson — CV

I’m a digital product developer specialising in web applications with over 22 years of experience. I’m motivated by work for social and environmental good.

I love pets, but unfortunately I’m unable to work in an office with them as I live with somebody with severe allergies.

Contact Details

You can contact me via email.

Skills Summary

  • Python, Django & Django REST Framework
  • HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • Heroku

Work History

Sharper Informatics Solutions (April ‘20–now)

Sharper Informatics Solutions are a Seattle-based startup with the goal of unlocking the hidden value in data.

I joined Sharper Informatics Solutions to found and run the development process for My Data Chameleon, a tool to help users prepare their energy efficiency program data for submission to the California Public Utilities Commission.

Sound Data (June ‘20–now)

Sound Data are a data consultancy based in the US. I’ve been providing them with ad-hoc web development services across a number projects they run for a variety of clients.

Crew Studio (Sep ‘21–Mar ‘22)

Crew Studio are a London-based digital agency who work with a broad range of companies.

I’m helping them build a warehouse system for Reskinned, a program encouraging clothing reuse and recyling. The Reskinned warehouse system integrates directly with eBay and other retail platforms. It’s built using Django, Heroku and GitHub actions.

Stealth-mode startup (Nov ‘20–Dec ‘21)

I built a number of decoy applications for a stealth-mode startup based in the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow using Django, Starlette, and Docker.

Red Badger (Nov ‘19–April ‘20)

Red Badger are an award-winning digital transformation agency.

I joined Red Badger’s cross-functional team at MHRA to deliver a new products website in two months, and then quickly iterate to improve the site’s integration with MHRA’s systems. The site uses a variety of technologies, including Rust and React.

Kainos (Sep ‘19–Nov ‘19)

Kainos are a digital agency working with clients in the public, health and financial services sectors.

I joined Kainos’s development team to help replace an expensive legacy system at a government client with a new open-source platform.

Red Badger (Apr ‘19–Sep ‘19)

I provided Django expertise to Red Badger’s team to deliver a Django CMS project.

MyOptique Group (Jul ‘18–Apr ‘19)

MyOptique Group are an online retailer of glasses and contact lenses with brands including Glasses Direct and Sunglasses Shop.

I joined their development team to help maintain and modernise Django web sites and Python microservices which take orders from the customer to their warehouse and lens manufacturing processes.

Ten Group (Feb ‘17–May ‘18)

Ten Group is a luxury lifestyle concierge service.

  • As part of a team of senior developers, I helped establish a new platform to replace an existing prototype. The new platform was implemented using Django, Django Rest Framework and Celery.
  • I was technical lead on the platform’s back end travel component, an API which integrates with a number of third-party services to search for and book flights, hotels, and cars to hire.
  • I also led development of the platform’s integration with Ten’s CRM platform using SOAP and a custom XML API.

Prior Roles

  • Tech Team Lead (Oct ‘16–Feb ‘17), Ubiquity Press
  • Senior Web Developer (Dec ‘15–Oct ‘16), Squareweave
  • Senior Web Developer (Sep ‘11–Jun ‘15) and Back End and API Custom Services Development Team Lead (Jul ‘15–Dec ‘15), Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Technical Editor (Jun ‘05–Dec ‘06) and Senior Web Developer (Jan ‘07–Sep ‘11), SitePoint
  • Analyst Programmer (Jan 2000–Jun ‘05), Infosys Australia
  • Duty Programmer (Jul ‘99–Dec ‘99), RMIT University Department of Computer Science

Personal Projects

The code for these projects is available on GitHub. is a simple web site for converting Unix timestamps into human-readable dates that I’ve been running since 2010. Originally written in PHP, the site now uses the Flask framework.

Will of the Prophets is a board game played by the hosts of The Greatest Generation, “a Star Trek podcast by two guys who are a bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast”. I worked with the hosts to take what was a difficult-to-maintain Google spreadsheet and convert it into a web app. It was built using Django.

faker-microservice adds fake microservice names to the popular faker package.

Volunteering and Open Source

I’ve contributed to number of open source projects including Django, Django REST Framework and moto.

I’ve coached people from underrepresented groups in tech how to code at Codebar, mentored people working toward a career in tech at Meet a Mentor, and was a co-organiser of the London Django Meetup.


Bachelor of Applied Science (Computer Science), RMIT University, Australia (1997–1999)

Graduated with Distinction.