Hi, I'm Craig, a Freelance Digital Product Developer

I can help:

  • research your users’ wants and needs;
  • design a product to satisfy those users;
  • build that product;
  • test that the product does what was planned; and
  • iterate over this process to continuously improve your product.

Read more about me and my experience in my CV (available as a PDF if required).


I’m a specialist in Python and Django, have experience with a broad range of technologies including React and Rust, and am always willing to use the right tool for the job.

UHF 62 Logo

What’s UHF 62?

UHF 62 Limited is my limited company. It’s named after the TV station “Weird Al” Yankovic’s character takes over in the movie UHF. It’s a great film.

Charitable Giving

I donate 4% of UHF 62’s income to charity. In 2021, UHF 62 gave more than £6000 to the Against Malaria Foundation, Crisis, Cancer Research UK, the Python and Django software foundations, Tell MAMA, Galop, Safe Gigs for Women, Gig Buddies, and Go Give 1.